Ways To Have A Successful Marriage

Ways To Have A Successful Marriage

Here are Ways To Have A Successful Marriage!

1. It takes understanding to have a successful matrimony. Your chances of having a glorious marriage increases as your understanding of marriage increases.

2. If you can’t keep your prayer life, you can’t keep your marriage. Once the wife is captured by worldliness, the marriage has lust its savour. If the man is caged in the web of confusion the glory of the home is lost.

3. Fighting for your right in marriage will only make your home a boxing ring. It takes sacrificial living and lifestyle to have a fulfilling marriage.

Ways To Have A Successful Marriage
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4. Intimacy through sex is key. Beyond procreation sex is important. In every marriage where sex is treated with importance and great sense of satisfaction love grows and privacy is kept.

Ways To Have A Successful Marriage

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