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Welcome to the perspective of Wale Adetona Biography whose real name is Adewale Adetona also known as iSlimfit is a Nigerian Web developer, and a Digital Marketer. Born December 28th 1988.

He originally hails from Ilaro, Ogun State Nigeria. Resides in Lagos State, Adewale is currently 34 years old.

Wale Adetona gained a Bachelor’s Degree Certificate in Computer Science from Lagos State University (LASU) in 2012. Recently he is taking a study for an MBA in Business Management, Marketing and Related Support Management from Business School Netherlands.


Adetona is the co-ordinator of Lagos Digital Summit and Project Humanity Nigeria. Adetona Influence the power of online communities and digital media platforms to increase brand sentiences and elevate product fidelity.

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After graduating from the University, Wale Adetona worked as a Digital Media analyst for Mustardels Media company were he built and accomplished social network communication materials for many customers.

Wale was part of the team that did an active an intense social media campaign (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) for Samsung NG for launch of their new compass of mobile devices

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Adetona inaugurated a twitter campaign for Kaymu, to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence day celebration taking advantage of the octothorpe (iDreamOfaNigeria).

He participated in the activation of (ShineOnNigeria) a campaign by Star to inspire the super eagles at the world cup Brazil.

He partake in the team that launched and campaigned for Uniliver’s new Rexona Deodorant, with octothorpe (DoMoreNaija) which create hum on social network.

He also take part in the social network activation of (GusTheMission) a campaign that created awareness for the Gilder Ultimate Search.

Currently Adetona is working as a Digital Communications Manager for Systems Specs.

In 2020, Wale take part in the (EndSARS) protest against police savageness in Nigeria.


Adetona is currently married to her sweetheart on 15 Jun 2020 (he wrote on his Twitter) I married my best friend. Never been happier. Cheers to forever.


Wale Adetona is one of the richest and most influential Web developer, and a Digital Marketer in Nigeria with estimated networth of $450,000 dollars.


Instagram @ iSlimfit

Twitter @iSlimfit

Facebook @Wale Adetona

Wale Adetona

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