The Different Between I Love You And I Want To F4ck You

We will be seeing The Different Between I Love You And I Want To F4ck You, I love you and I want to f*ck u work together nowadays … It difficult to differentiate the two nowadays.

LOVE was supposed to be unconditional, deep feelings of wanting to be with someone and wants the best for the person.

I want to F*CK you is a lustful feelings which means what is written. Similarity; the same Differences; Grace of God to separate.

Let me explain it this way;

Ladies; Have s*x with guy when feelings are involved (they love)

Guys; Have sex when there is feelings or not (love or no love).

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So that is the different. Everybody know the difference; they just lie to get what they want.

Even female… U know what u feel before using the word I LOVE YOU genuinely.


And u know when u say it to play along. U ladies even play along a lot, majority gets stocked while doing so self.


U only asked the question because u noticed guys professing the word while what they want is f*ck. So u begin to wonder if the two means the same and u be like; u should have just say the word; I want to f*ck u instead.


I want to fuck you is the direct desire of expression to be sexually intimate with someone. I love you is an unconditional feeling that you have towards someone that will not make you hurt them


You don’t need to be a sex professional to make it up there. We grow together That’s my ideaiogy, as long as you are teachable and can learn.


Before our generation Love is Love. But Our generation Love is more than Love

And since s*x is cheap to get everywhere….People has mistaken the work for love as f*ck. Don’t forget we are still on The Different Between I Love You And I Want To F4ck You.


Gone are the days….when you like a girl you would want to take your time to study the babes, But now to even have a relationship your sexual skill has to be tested to know if it’s worth staying or not But a lot of marriage that’s holding of late is not Love that’s holding the marriage. Lotta of things kept the marriage beyond love and f*ck is part of it


our generation has mixed things up.

You tell a lady she is beautiful.. She terms it as you are admiring her or want to date her

I jejely stopped giving compliments so as not to be tagged or misquoted wrongly


The bad ones have spoilt the good ones

A lady can not tell a guy that she likes him, the guy will be thinking of taking advantage and want to see it as she is calling for s*x

The confusion is that most guys use love to get s*x and ladies use s*x to get loved.


Like seriously, it has gotten to the point where we are all afraid if someone appreciates us, likes us or desires us. We have to go through the process of giving it time, interrogating them and being critical if they are actually true or fake.

We read in between happy smiles to check if those happy smiles are sincere or forged. I believe in this article you will see The Different Between I Love You And I Want To F4ck You.

A man can actually be chasing you and trying to initiate a relationship with you, probably for 3 years and only ends up dumping you after having s*x with you. Before we continue don’t forget to share this article with your friends, being The Different Between I Love You And I Want To F4ck You.


If you have the opportunity of dating or marrying your best friend.. You are lucky.

Most best friends don’t marry. Irony of life.
And sometimes when they become emotional about their friendship it hits the rock and they become enemies. They don’t want to see eye to eye.

So gentlemen and ladies I advice you not to become best friends with the opposite s*x if you intend to get married to them in the future. The Different Between I Love You And I Want To F4ck You.

Just be peeping through the window but don’t come close till you are fully ready to go down the aisle with the person if not *See you see heart break o*. As usual *I come in peace*.

But to be sincere… I can’t marry a lady that is not my friend. I believe it is not the friendship that matters, but the approach in the the relationship or way they relate that matters.

The Different Between I Love You And I Want To F4ck You

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