Ways To Become A Celebrity

Ways To Become A Celebrity. hey dear, today” I will reveal to the ways to become a celebrity without any stress. Well, the good news is that, it’s easier than ever to have your name in lights and make a fortune while you are at it.

Even though we may deny it, we’ve all had at least a moment of wishing we were famous. While it may blow over for most, some people would do anything to become a celebrity.

Does this sound like you?

We take a quick look at celebrity culture, fun ways to become famous and the things you should keep in mind before setting out on this glitzy path.

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A quick breakdown,
Fun ways to become a celebrity
How soon can you start making money?
A few things to keep in mind about fame
Case study: Kavita Donkersley, Social Media Influencer

It’s tempting to think of ‘celebrity’ as a somewhat modern invention. However, human history clearly shows we’ve been infatuated by fabulous ‘otherness’ for a very long time.

In many ways our preoccupation with everything from Beyoncé’s booty to the Kardashians’ latest family drama, can be traced right back to the ancient reverence for brave heroes, beautiful princesses and powerful rulers.

Although it may no longer be an overt belief, to us, the rich and famous still carry some imprint of divinity the rest of us cannot attain. As much as we wish to see them shine, we revel in their tumbles – scrutinising cellulite-dented thighs and failed relationships on the pages of our favourite tabloids.

Perhaps Lewis Lapham said it best in The Wish For Kings: “The wish for kings is an old and familiar wish, as well-known in medieval Europe as in ancient Mesopotamia. The ancient Greeks assigned trace elements of the divine to trees and winds and stones. A river god sulks, and the child drowns; a sky god smiles, and the corn ripens. The modern Americans assign similar powers… to individuals blessed with the aura of celebrity.”

And hand-in-hand with this, of course, the wish to join their ranks and become a celebrity ourselves. Still on the Ways To Become A Celebrity.

While not much has changed in our obsession with the rich and famous, there is one major difference in where we stand today – the playing field has been levelled dramatically.

With the rise of super fast internet communication, it’s much easier to catch the eye than it was even 10 years ago, let alone 100 or 1000. Ways To Become A Celebrity.

So, basically, if you’ve always craved the limelight, there’s no better time to become a celebrity!


If you have a talent (or at least think you do) for anything from dancing to baking, sewing to tree-felling, there’s a reality television show just waiting for your entry.

Or perhaps you’re in desperate need of a make-over, a date or a home clean-up – you to be on telly too! Ways To Become A Celebrity.

Unlike film studios and casting agencies, reality television shows welcome hopefuls of all shapes, forms and level of talent. In fact, the more desperate you are, the better your rags-to-riches tale will be.

Take Susan Boyle, for instance. At first glance, the quaint contestant on the Britain’s Got Talent stage seemed devoid of any charm. But then she opened her mouth and a beloved songstress was born.

This was back in 2009 and in the meantime, she’s released seven albums and won numerous awards. Not bad for a “Scottish cat lady in sensible shoes” as Stephen Colbert referred to her at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

So, if you fancy yourself as brave (and talented) as Ms. Boyle, why not audition for reality telly yourself? Here are a few popular shows you can check out:

  • The Great British Bake Off
  • Come Dine With Me
  • So you think you can dance
  • Escape to the Country
  • Britain’s Got Talent.


Ways To Become A Celebrity

Whilst it all may seem extremely glamorous, participating in a reality television show doesn’t really pay very much (if at all) until you actually become a celebrity in your own rig

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